New PS5 restocking in Best Buys leads to familiar struggles

The latest PlayStation 5 restock was made at Best Buy today. Since Sony released its latest video game console at the end of 2020, Best Buy has become a retail chain that has had mixed results with restocking for a number of customers. Unfortunately, many of the company’s lingering issues with the PS5 restock appear to persist today.

Shortly after this new PS5 sale went live at Best Buy today, customers started sharing their own experiences with the restock on social media. Based on what a number of people have said, Best Buy has continued to act very strangely when trying to purchase the console. While some were able to quickly cut the PS5 for themselves, others were left waiting in virtual streaks that never ended.

Meanwhile, others report that bots are dominating this Best Buy PS5 restock. Vendors have always been a problem when it comes to PS5 restocking, and depending on where you live, it looks like the bots that many of them use are proving to be a problem again today.

If you try to partake in this PS5 restock at Best Buy today, do you have any luck for yourself? Let me know either down below in the comments or you can connect with me on Twitter at Trustworthy.

Plus, be sure to continue reading below if you’d like to see how some customers are dealing with today’s latest PS5 sale.

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