Elden Ring update makes the toughest boss even more difficult

Elden Ring The most famous manager, Malenia, is now getting more and more difficult to fight after the release of the latest update of the game. However, it wasn’t the result of a direct boost as we’ve seen other parts of the game. Instead, there appears to be a bug in the Battle of Malenia that makes him able to live the player’s life more than usual, thus lengthening the fight longer and leaving fewer slots to finish in Phases 1 and 2. FromSoftware has yet to comment on the status of the error, but these types of issues have been fixed relatively quickly in the past, so it’s one of the reasons why this bug will be fixed soon as well.

The respective error was displayed by Elden Ring The phenomenon of Malenia-Fighting Let Me Solo Her in the video below shows them fighting Malenia for the umpteenth time, but this fight encountered an extra layer of difficulty. During the player’s fight, Malenia was able to recover from attacks that had fully grown and did no damage. When you take into account the fact that she was hit by the Waterfowl Dance’s multi-hit attack, that’s a lot of healing from attacks that didn’t even land.

That means the battle took longer than it normally would, but let me alone come out victorious. Other players less familiar with Malenia’s move set and the best tactics to beat it, however, may not be so lucky when you tackle players without hitting them. Fortunately, Malenia can get stuck in a number of different ways elden ringso for those who are still planning to fight it before fixing this bug, hopefully you have a summons or tactics yourself that can prevent it from attacking with these dummy strikes.

Aharon Inside the game’s subreddit I also noticed this error. Those who died against Malenia may remember that her attacks – especially the Waterfowl Dance – sometimes treat her after killing a player as if she was still alive. This is believed to be partially to blame here along with related network issues, but then again, FromSoftware hasn’t publicly acknowledged the error to say what’s going on.

Look for this issue to be addressed the next day elden ring Update whenever that one releases, but until then, be careful not to fight or help out in Malenia battles.


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