Star Wars composer John Williams is about to finally record the anime

Earlier this month, news broke that one of the manga’s best music-focused stories was looking to debut on the small screen. blue orchestra Since then, it has made its way to the headlines multiple times with the permission of the manga publisher. And now, its biggest update yet is available live from John Williams, the composer behind some of Hollywood’s biggest films.

After all, it turns out that Williams is ready to turn his eye to anime. Composer associated with blue orchestraand confirmed his role as deputy editor-in-chief of Shogakukan.

Shu Kobayashi confirmed the news easily enough after sharing their congratulations to him blue orchestra Total. “I am working on the project with John Williams, lead composer star Wars And Jurassic Park, “Share editor.” I wish I could tell my younger self in the high school orchestra club who used to play John’s theme for ET I will work with him in the future.”

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As you can imagine, netizens are looking very forward, and Williams is to blame. The award-winning composer and conductor has worked in the music industry since the early 1950s. With dozens of awards under his belt, Williams is considered one of the greatest composers in history, and he has touched everything from Harry Potter to Indiana Jones and beyond. If Williams was intent on bringing his work to him blue orchestraThere’s no telling how unique its results will be, and anime fans are eager to hear what the legendary musician has planned for the project.

Are you excited to hear about Williams’ entry into the world of animation? You will check blue orchestra Once you hit the TV? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or follow me on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.


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