Did Elon Musk Tweet That He’s Going To Buy And Delete Facebook?

A tweet that has a lot of people thinking Elon Musk might buy Facebook and delete it after the tweet went viral on the podium.

The Tesla owner has been vocal about his thoughts when it comes to buying. Elon didn’t hold back when he expressed his opinions about buying Twitter.

At first, many people thought the deal would never be finalised. However, after a long discussion, it was confirmed that he would buy the platform.

Did Elon Musk tweet about deleting Facebook?

On April 26, several people came across a tweet saying, “Now I’m going to buy Facebook and delete it.” The screenshot showed that Elon made the comment on April 25, the day he finalized the deal.

Several people were convinced that the tweet was from the owner of Tesla himself. However, if you check out his recent tweets about Elon, you will notice that he did not make this tweet.

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The screenshot circulating online is fake.

Elon had tweeted about buying Twitter

The screenshot about Facebook seemed more believable because Elon had previously hinted that he would be open to buying Twitter.

In 2017, Elon tweeted: “I love Twitter.” Dave Smith answered this: “You should buy it then.” He said: What is the price?

While this exchange seemed like normal conversation at the time, people were shocked to see how Elon’s purchase of the platform manifested itself. On April 25, it was confirmed that Elon had paid $44 billion to make the purchase.

Who owns Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook and Instagram. Besides Twitter, these two platforms have gained a lot of popularity over the years. There is no doubt that Elon’s decision to purchase the platform comes as a huge investment.

Twitter CEO Brett Taylor confirmed that the deal has been completed. according to CBC“The Twitter Board of Directors conducted a deliberate and comprehensive process of evaluating Elon’s proposal with an intentional focus on value, certainty, and funding,” he said in a statement.

He continued, “The proposed transaction will provide a significant cash premium, and we believe it is the best path forward for Twitter shareholders.”

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