Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks reveal the live stream schedule for the banner characters

Jinshin effect Fans are eagerly awaiting Banner 2.7’s announcement and livestream, and there’s a new leak that gives us an insight into the same.

Update 2.7 has experienced unprecedented delays due to the ongoing pandemic, but miHoYo is actively working to get the update out as soon as possible.

Jinshin effect | Tsubaki’s Thawing Snow Short Trailer



Jinshin effect | Tsubaki’s Thawing Snow Short Trailer





Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks reveal the banner’s characters and live broadcast date

According to a new leak posted on Jinshin effect Wang Sheng Funeral Salon Discord, the next live stream isn’t as far away as it seems. The leak suggests that we may get the next live stream somewhere around May 20. Considering the fact that it’s only a couple of weeks away, this should be good news for a number of fans out there. It should be noted that fans were very concerned about the long delay in the live broadcast after Ayaka’s banner was extended. The new banner had 240 days as a countdown timer, which left many fans frustrated. However, it was later confirmed that the date on the logo is just a placeholder, and does not specify the logo’s expiration date in any way.

Moving to the other part of the infusion, he mentioned that the first banner would appear Yilan and Xiao. Regarding weapons, he adds that both Yilan and Xiao’s weapons will be part of the weapon’s banner. The 4-star characters will consist of Noella, Barbara and Yanvi. In connection with the second phase of the banner, Itto will appear as a distinct character with his signature weapon and memory dust in the weapon banner. Any of the 4 star characters can appear in the banner, along with Shinobu, the game’s new 4 star character.

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