Netflix surprises with a second trailer for Resident Evil

Netflix is ​​expected to go down for the first time vampire A teaser trailer this week, but what fans didn’t expect was a second teaser hidden in the first. This follow-up to the one we see here included some of the same footage from the initial teaser while also including some familiar Resident Evil monsters and possibly some new visuals as well. live action vampire The show is coming to Netflix on July 14th, so we hope we keep getting more teasers and full trailers like these now and then.

You can check out the second trailer below with permission from Netflix who shared the video as an unlisted teaser on their YouTube channel. It was a “secret” trailer meaning you had to find the Easter egg in the first trailer to discover this trailer. A website advertising Umbrella Corp. was shown. Sometime in the first trailer, and if you’re heading to umbrellaisjoy.comyou will see a landing page for the scammed company before you turn to the video below.

Although the original trailer had zombies and action throughout, this trailer has some other references that will be familiar to those who’ve played through a Resident Evil game or two or seen a few movies. Licker, for example, appears to appear multiple times in this second teaser. We don’t see him attacking anyone with his tongue, but his swollen, wrinkled-eyed head and strong-fanged mouth tell what’s being joked there. We also see at the end of the trailer what appears to be a giant worm-like creature presumably infected with the T-virus. It may be a worm of gallbladder Resident Evil Code: Veronicathe grave digger may have been from Resident Evil 3Or maybe something completely different.

Regardless of the monsters that appear in the trailer, you may have realized that things look a lot further into the future far from the initial events surrounding the virus outbreak in Raccoon City and beyond. That’s because the show is set in the future within New Raccoon City and stars the Wesker family, as Netflix previously said.

“The year 2036 – 14 years after a deadly virus caused global catastrophe,” the official preview of vampire The series said. “Jade Wesker struggles to survive in a world overrun by infected, mad, bloodthirsty creatures. In this ultimate carnage, Jade haunts her past in New Raccoon City, through her father’s fearsome relationships with the Umbrella Corporation but mostly because of what happened to her sister Billy.”

vampire Coming to Netflix on July 14th.



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