Kingdom Hearts Tagged in New Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Commercial

Square Enix’s hugely popular RPG franchise, Kingdom Hearts has been noted in the most unexpected places: a new commercial for Taco Bell. Yes, the American fast food chain has been working in full force to promote the comeback of Mexican pizza in recent days. So much so, that she created an original song for the menu item that directly reminds of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series.

In this new Mexican pizza commercial, raps are thrown together to highlight the many desirable qualities of this ingredient. While most of the lyrics talked about some of the ingredients in the pizza-like food, a lone bar in that allusion to Kingdom Hearts was also thrown. Specifically, he said this line in the song, “We eat all our orders, the key to my heart is like Sora.” Although Kingdom Hearts itself is not directly mentioned by name, it is clear what this line in the short song was referring to.

You can see the full commercial for yourself in the embedded tweet below:

Probably the funny part of this whole situation is that shortly after it was discovered that Taco Bell had made a reference to Kingdom Hearts and Sora in this ad, the video game series started popping up on social media. And while Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that often causes a lot of buzz on social media, especially in light of the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4This is definitely one of the most unusual cases the game series has headed. Some fans joked that this crossover between Kingdom Hearts and Taco Bell is something that should continue Kingdom Hearts 4. Others note this because Sora is now in the “real” world of Kingdom Hearts 4He might even come across Taco Bell for himself in-game. None of this will ever happen KH4but it’s still funny to think about.

What do you think of the Kingdom Hearts mentioned in this new Taco Bell ad? Is this one of the most unusual crossovers you can think of? Let me know your reaction to this whole situation either in the comments or you can connect with me on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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