Gas prices today, May 23, 2022: Check out the cheapest gas stations today

JWith prices still rising and drivers still feeling pain at the pumps, not every gas station charges the same amount.

Even in the same zip code, there can be a big difference in price, so we have A guide to the cheapest gas stations in the US It will direct you in the right direction.

Here, then, we take a look at where the highest, lowest, and cheapest gas stations are currently in your city.

What state has the highest gas prices?

California has always been the US state with the highest gas prices, and it still is, with the average price currently fluctuating around six dollars per gallon.

Which state has the lowest gas prices?

Three states currently have lower gas prices than others, and they are OklahomaAnd kansas And Arkansaswith an average price in these three states of just over four dollars a gallon.

Where are the cheapest gas stations in the US?

If you’re looking for inexpensive gas, the following are the cheapest places to get gas for each of the 10 most populous cities in the United States:

  • New York, NY ($4.93): BP, 677 Kent Ave Brooklyn, NY.
  • Los Angeles, CA ($5.75): 7-Eleven, 1800 E Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA.
  • Chicago, Illinois ($5.07): Costco, 1430S Ashland Ave Chicago, IL.
  • Houston, Texas ($4.09): Bay, 2002 Emancipation Ave Houston, TX.
  • Phoenix, Arizona ($4.99): Circle K, 602 N 1St Ave Phoenix, AZ.
  • Philadelphia, Philadelphia ($4.79): Conoco, 2101 W Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA.
  • San Antonio, TX ($4.09): Coyote Express, 1602 W Commerce St San Antonio, TX.
  • San Diego, CA ($5.67): Petromerica, 1548F San Diego, CA
  • Dallas, Texas ($4.28): Gulf, 801 S Riverfront Blvd Dallas, TX.
  • San Jose, CA ($5.55): Grand Gas, 899 N 13Th St San Jose, CA.


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