Memes Revengeance apparently increases the game’s player count by 1,000%

wave of Metal Gear Rising: Revenge The memes led to the game’s abrupt return on Steam. Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It is one of Metal Gear’s most unique games, with Hideo Kojima not leading the project and instead handing the project over to some folks at PlatinumGames after they felt Kojima Productions wasn’t a fit for the kind of gameplay they envisioned. Kojima was still heavily involved in game production, but PlatinumGames was given a lot of freedom to bring her ideas to life. Incidentally, this creative freedom has paid off nearly a decade after its original release.

Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It is said to gain a lot of support in gamers on Steam after its personalization. Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It got a nearly 1,000% boost on Steam, and many point to recent memes of very arrogant Jetstream Sam as the reason. There’s a gif of the character smacking her chin while looking like she’s sparked a cool idea that’s been circulating on social media. The motion picture was explained in several ways to create silly thought bubbles for Jetstream Sam, causing it to spread rapidly. This seems to have led some to become more interested in the popular hack and slash game PlatinumGames as the game had just over 100 concurrent players on Steam about a year ago. As of this month, the game has peaked at over 2,500 and has seen a number of spikes throughout 2022. The memes have been cited by PlayerTracker as a reason for the upsurge in gamers on Steam and it doesn’t seem far from the question.

Senator Stephen Armstrong, one of the games’ opponents, has been immortalized to death for the past few years. His ridiculously loud statements and people’s abilities to mimic his hobbies have led to some exceptionally funny videos. Beside that, Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It is a great game and it is more motivating for people to play it after laughing at its outstanding characters.

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