Why are your Instagram messages black and how to fix the annoying bug

After the latest Instagram update, users have encountered many issues.

Many have been left unable to use the filters in their stories, and received an error message saying “unable to use the effect”.

Now, a lot of users are complaining that their direct messages are black – making them unreadable.

The vulnerabilities are affecting iPhone and Android users across the world who are very frustrated.

Read on to find out how to fix the annoying error…

black Instagram messages

Thousands of Instagram users across the US, UK, and many other regions reported bugs on the popular photo-sharing app this week.

While trying to read a direct message from another user, many reported that the message is black.

A strange black box appears above the message, making users unable to read the text at all.

The error is preventing people from using any Instagram messaging feature – which is really frustrating.

Twitter was inundated with reports that Instagram was down at midnight on Thursday (May 26).

One person wrote:

Another said:

A third person added:

what is going on?

Instagram doesn’t seem to have addressed the global outage issue, but it’s clearly a bug within the app.

Messages appear with a black box on them because Instagram is down after the last update.

Nothing wrong with your phone or WiFi, Instagram simply suffers from a bug that causes annoying errors on your account.

Errors are very common on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which often suffer interruptions due to the huge number of users.

Fortunately, users have discovered a way to fix the annoying error.

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Turn your phone into dark mode

Instagram users have found that switching your phone to dark mode will make your DMs readable again.

If you’re on an iPhone, do so by heading to Settings > Display & Brightness > Darkness.

Now, your Instagram screen will be black instead of white, but you will be able to read your messages.

In a few hours, you’ll be able to get it back into light mode as Instagram should have fixed the bug by then.

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