Where to watch the movie What Is A Woman by Matt Walsh? documentary

June marks Gay Pride Month, and Matt Walsh is releasing a new documentary, What is a Woman? To start the festivities controversially.

Conservative commentator, Matt Walsh, who hosts a podcast for The Daily Wire, has It said Ask the question “What is a woman?” for years.

Since the father of four feels he hasn’t received a direct answer to his question yet, he sets out on a mission to find one. It can all be seen in his documentary, and here’s how to watch it.

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Where do you watch the movie “What is a Woman?” documentary

“What is a woman?” Available to watch The daily wiring. The documentary is available to all DailyWire members, including new members who will be able to Register here.

The movie aired yesterday, June 1, at 8:00 ET and the viewing party began with The Daily Wire’s “Backstage” all-star premiere. Featuring Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boring, Michael Knowles and Andrew Clavan, who began a discussion before the documentary aired.

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Walsh has fairly strong feelings surrounding the topic, as it is He said: “The left will do everything they can to make sure no one sees this movie,” Walsh explained. “They know that their ideology is based on lies and their logic is hollow and that first showing the film to a wide audience online would not only be a total embarrassment to them, but send a message that they are not going to win this battle.”

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Matt Walsh “What is a woman?” Explore the documentary

Walsh started broadcasting The Matt Walsh Show yesterday by announcingThis month of pride is a “holy month” and then promoted his new film, which he described as an “assault on gender ideology”.

The political and cultural commentator noted the exponential growth of Pride that grew from a day of festivities to a week and then to what we now know as Pride Month. Walsh said during Matt Walsh’s show that his film “will expose the confusion of gender ideology.” Noting that his movie’s release at the start of Pride Month was “just the kind of pet-hunting you’d expect and love from me—or at least expect, I don’t know anything about love.”

The movie started with tweet Posted four years ago, “What is a Woman?” From there, Walsh took it upon himself to further explore his question. Even discussing the terms “non-binary” and “transgendered with an African tribe.

In other news, where to watch Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman? documentary

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