Watch Lucha Libre Legend Battle Stranger Things Monster in Epic New Commercial

In a collaboration no one expected, Doritos, Lucha Libre, and Stranger Things have created something… well, really amazing. Doritos has released a new commercial taking place in Stranger Things in Hawkins City, Indiana, specifically the Hawkins Coliseum, featuring Lucha Libre legend Hijo del Santo in the ring (via wrestling). El Santo is set to face his opponent in front of a large crowd when a hole opens toward the corner of the carpet, and when his opponent swallows it, the Demogorgon crawls out of the gate to the Upside Down and takes his place.

What follows is a crazy and amazing fight, where El Santo stays in the ring to fight with the beast while everyone else runs out of the ring. El Santo avoids a pass of his claws and then knocks the creature back with a kick, though the poor photographer doesn’t work as well, as it is eaten whole.

After the Demogorgon spit out his camera and boots, the lights flash and the monster surrounds him and hits, slashing his back with his claws. He then knocked El Santo from the ring to the ground and looked to eat him as well, but then El Santo noticed that Mariachi’s squad remained in the arena in hiding. He gave a nod and they started to play, stunning the Demogorgon enough for El Santo to take him back to the gate. After the ceremony, El Santo jumped to the gate as well, and it was all somehow in an advertisement for Flamin’ Hot Doritos.

There are no chips in this entire commercial, however I can’t care too much. This was cool, and you can see it for yourself in the video above. It is also interesting to note that Santo is actually banned from the Arena Coliseo where the commercial was filmed. It was banned when CMLL, the owner of the arena, left, but CMLL apparently didn’t know he was going to be in the commercial until after it was filmed.

Hijo del Santo has had great runs in AAA and CMLL over the years, including a classic match at AAA’s When Worlds Collide, when he teamed up with the Octagon to defeat Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero. Hijo del Santo will be performing with the Kobe World 2022 and Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival in July as part of the Ultimo Dragon’s 35th Anniversary Celebration.


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