Star Cry Opens About Neve Campbell Exiting The Franchise

the long term Scream The franchise is returning for a sixth season after its fifth movie sparked a huge box office scare earlier this year. Unfortunately, when shout 6 Hitting theaters, he’d be without his biggest star. Neve Campbell appeared in the five Scream Movies so far, along with Courteney Cox and David Arquette, but she’s going to be sitting outside shout 6 Because of the contract that was offered to her. Strange to think of a file Scream A movie to be made without Campbell’s Sydney Prescott, but one of the stars of the new generation supports Campbell’s decision.

Jasmine Savoy Brown, Breakout yellow jackets The star who took a prominent role in the fifth Screamat an Emmy FYC event this weekend and was asked about Campbell’s decision to turn her down shout 6 a necklace. Brown said Campbell needed to do the right thing for herself.

“I totally respect her for that,” Brown said. “I think it’s hard to be a woman in this industry and in any industry at all.” diverse. “If anyone, especially any woman, feels she deserves more — whether it’s a financial situation with work, outside a relationship, or filling a void — if she can leave, I support it.”

Even without Campbell, the cast shout 6 He still has high hopes for what the movie could be. Brown went on to say, “The script is great and the franchise is going beautifully.”

Unfortunately, I won’t do the following Scream In a statement earlier this month, Campbell said: “As a woman, I have had to do everything in my career to prove my worth, particularly when it comes to Scream. I felt that the offer that was given to me was not worth the value you brought to the franchise. It was a very difficult decision to move forward.”

of the original three Scream The stars who stayed in the franchise, it looks like only Courteney Cox will appear in it shout 6. Campbell sits outside the movie and Dewey kills David Arquette in the fifth installment.

shout 6 It is scheduled to hit theaters on March 31, 2023.


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