Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown weighs in on whether Eleven created the inverted part

Weird things Season 4 has already provided insight into a number of long-standing questions audiences have been asking about the series, including a major insight into the Upside Down. Episode 7 of the series shows Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven using her powers against a threat, with her telekinetic abilities so powerful that the first gate of the Upside Down appeared in Hawkins, Indiana, explaining why so many strange events occurred there. However, some viewers believe Eleven herself is responsible for creating the Upside Down, in which Brown shares her vision and claims to have always been, only Eleven who created the connection between the real world and the unsettling world. Weird things Season 4 – Volume 2 debuts on Netflix on July 1st.

“[Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer] you did not tell me [Eleven created the gateway]. She does. The crack opens,” Brown explained diverse. As far as whether she created this dimension, Brown elaborated, “That’s too big of a discussion for me to answer. I’m very concerned. I think—no, no, no. I think the alternate universe has always been there. It will always be under Hawkins.” I just think she had access to it. I don’t think she made the Upside Down. No, I think she’s always been there, I think she created a portal to her that no one else could.”

Weird things It has presented audiences with a number of mysteries over the years, and The Origins of Upside Down is certainly one of them. In season one, the demogorgon escaped from this world, apparently capturing Will Byers to return to the Upside Down and start the entire narrative. Subsequent seasons saw all kinds of threats trying to invade Hawkins, with this season finally confirming that Hawkins isn’t a hotbed of activity, as it was where Dr. Brenner was conducting his hunt for Eleven. , which eventually led to the opening of the gate.

Given the sprawling size and scope of the Upside Down, even though there are more episodes of the series on the way, it seems unlikely that we’ll get a full explanation of the Upside Down, as it likely has ancient origins.

Weird things Season 4 – Volume 2 premieres on Netflix on July 1st.

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