The Elder Scrolls 6 update confirms the disappointing news

Bethesda confirmed some rather disappointing news Sheikh Scrolls 6. The first main line ancient scrolls The game has since been released Skyrim In 2011, the next installment of the fantasy RPG series was announced on June 10, 2018. In other words, it was announced more than four years ago. At the time, Bethesda warned that it wasn’t launching any time soon and they weren’t joking. Two months ago, a job listing outside of Bethesda appeared to reveal that the game was still in pre-production four years later. This week, Bethesda confirmed it. Why is this news disappointing? Well, because it confirms that the game is still a long way off.

Once Skyrim It went into full production, and it took Bethesda about three years to ship. This was during an era when games were shipped faster. However, assuming that this pattern is still holding means that Sheikh manuscripts 6 Not released until at least 2025. That will be if it goes into full production this year, which seems unlikely.

As you may remember Skyrim It didn’t go into full production until just yet fallout 3 issued. It is safe to assume that the same will be true Sheikh Scrolls 6 And the starfieldwhich is currently scheduled for release in the first half of 2023. That means as soon as possible Sheikh Scrolls 6 It could be launched in 2026. If this is true, there is a very good chance that even the likes of GTA 6 He will be released sooner.

For now, take all these guesses with extreme caution. It is impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy an evolution Sheikh Scrolls 6. However, those looking forward to the game will be queasy to know that it is still in pre-production four years later, which clearly indicates that a small team is working on it while the bulk of its final team is working. starfield.

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