WWE’s Carmelo Hayes retains the NXT title in North America with some help from Santos Escobar

The main event in WWE NXT tonight was the North American Championship, pitting Champion Carmelo Hayes against NXT’s Dawn Tony D’Angelo. D’Angelo brought his entire army to the ring while Hayes was by Trick Williams’ side, and the numbers advantage was a factor throughout the match. At one point, D’Angelo seemed to have this win in the bag, and called his crew to help him. That’s when Santos Escobar made the decision to help his opponent, passing some brass knuckles to Carmelo Hayes who scored D’Angelo and took the win. This will lead to some issues between Escobar and D’Angelo, but it may have earned Hayes an ally.

Hayes and D’Angelo made fun of each other for a bit and then got locked up but soon broke up. They got locked out again and this time D’Angelo managed to do better than the exchange, although Hayes got back on his feet only to knock again. Another exchange ensued and Hayes looked a bit frustrated after Trek Williams woke up on the track only to be greeted by D’Angelo’s team. This made him back off and Hayes wasn’t too happy about it, nor was he happy with the multitude of insults D’Angelo had after that either.

Hayes bounced back and put on D’Angelo, then knocked D’Angelo off and landed his back on the circular apron. Hayes went to get him back in the ring but D’Angelo bumped him into the steel steps instead, and Williams was powerless to do anything about it because of the numbers D’Angelo had at his disposal.

Back in the ring, he hit D’Angelo with a backhoe and then stomped on Hayes before hitting him in a corner. Hayes bought some space with a dribble, but was torn down again with a drawstring and then an elbow in a cap, but Hayes kicked off the pin. D’Angelo kept the offense and went for another cover but Hayes was sent off. D’Angelo punched him in the back and locked him in pressure on his back and stomach.

Hayes hits D’Angelo in the connecting ring and then hits punches and slashes, followed by a slick bounce off the second rope. More punches followed, and finally, momentum was on his side. Hayes took D’Angelo down to the cover but the Don was thrown out. D’Angelo kicked and then hit the cover but the champion was sent off. D’Angelo kept taunting and then slapped Hayes several times, but Hayes escaped the charge. He then ended up standing up and hitting the bladebreaker with a lid but D’Angelo was kicked out.

D’Angelo crawled into his corner and then sent Hayes over the top. He crawled back into his corner and asked Santos for the brass knuckles, but Santos passed them to Hayes. Then Hayes scored with D’Angelo and covered it, that was for the pin and win.

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