Who is Abigail Hargreaves in Season 3 of Umbrella Academy?

*Warning: Spoilers await season 3 of The Umbrella Academy*

Since The Umbrella Academy first appeared on our screens in 2019, the series has transformed a lot and changed our path. Season 3 is no different, as the Parachutes find themselves facing off against Sparrow Academy after messing with the schedule in Season 2.

During season three, fans are given another glimpse into Luther’s lonely time on the moon, but on this occasion, we finally learn that he wasn’t alone there because Reginald was hiding another secret.

In episode 9 of the Moon montage, Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy reveals the creation of another Hargreeves Enterprises base in a nearby crater, where this crater houses the cryo-frozen body of a woman named Abigail Hargreaves.

Umbrella Academy | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix



Umbrella Academy | Season 3 Trailer | Netflix






woman on the moon

In episode 9 of season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, we get another glimpse into Luther’s time on the moon, as we watch him slowly push into depression over four years of solitary confinement.

However, the episode also reveals once-secret details Luther wasn’t alone on the moon.

During one of his rover expeditions, he comes to the edge of a restricted area, and while he is not allowed to advance any further, the camera moves over the expanse and into a nearby crater.

In the center of the crater is another base for the Hargreaves Projects and located on the roof of the building is a freezing room containing the body of a lifeless woman named Abigail Hargreaves.


Who is Abigail Hargreaves in Umbrella Academy?

Abigail Hargreaves is the wife of Reginald Hargreaves.

It was first introduced in the last episode of season one in a flashback that takes place “a long time ago”.

We see a younger looking Reginald taking care of her bedside because she is terminally ill and does not have long to live.

The touching scene sees Abigail asking Reginald to give her cherished violin away to “someone who will love him as much as I do” before the devastated Reginald replies: “I can’t leave you, there must be another way.”

After leaving Abigail’s bed, Reginald walks to the window where he opens a jar and releases a handful of glowing particles that suddenly caused 43 women to become pregnant on October 1, 1989.


Abigail returns at the end of season 3.

In the final episode of Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, Reginald’s plan finally becomes clear.

He never intended to use his children at Umbrella Academy to save the world, he wanted to use them so that he could save Abigail and bring her back from death.

After the gang discovers the mystery of the Hotel Oblivion and unleashes its mysterious power, Reginald is able to reset the universe and stop the destruction of the Kugelblitz.

When you do this, the parachutes are moved to a new timeline and everything appears to be fine. However, it soon becomes clear in the parachutes that they no longer have their powers.

The group splits up to explore this new world as the camera pans toward the horizon and zooms into the massive Hargreeves Enterprises skyscraper where we see Reginald joined by Abigail.


Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is now available to stream Netflix After its launch on June 22, 2022.

In other news, Season 3 of the Umbrella Academy wasn’t Genesis Rodriguez’s first TV rodeo.

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