What was the “Smithfield Death Star” when a protester interrupted Nathan’s hot dog eating contest?

A Nathan’s hot dog eating contest was interrupted by a protester wearing a Darth Vader mask and holding a sign that read “Reveal Smithfield’s Deadly Star,” but what exactly does that mean?

Fans were excited to see who would win this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest as Joey Chestnut is back again this year.

While Joey and the other contestants were competing, a protester ran to the podium and interpreted the event.

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What is Smithfield Death Star?

If you happen to watch the event, you’ll notice that one protester jumped on stage with a sign that read “Expose Smithfield Death Star.” However, it appears that he was covering the ‘S’ due to only ‘mitthfiled’ appearing.

according to sports newsthe protester was likely referring to Smithfield Foods, an American pork processing company based in Smithfield, Virginia, which has surrounded itself with some controversy in the past.

beta He even released a statement calling the company to animal cruelty. according to VOXThe company had issued a statement about making its meat more humane after it was revealed that it was using lamb crates on its mother pigs.

Meanwhile, the “Death Star” in writing happens to be a reference to Stars Wars. Given that the protester was wearing a Darth Vader mask, this mention comes as no surprise.

Who won Nathan’s hot dog eating contest?

Joey was crowned the winner in the men’s category and Miki Sudou won in the women’s category. This was Joey’s 15th win as he managed to win the title last year as well.

Although Joey had to pause for a moment after the demonstrator took the stage, he was able to advance into the game and take back the winning prize again.

The winner of both categories receives a prize of $10,000 each. Meanwhile, the second place person gets $5,000, the third place gets $2,500, the fourth place gets $1,500, and finally, the fifth place gets $1,000.

Where did the competition take place?

The competition is held in Coney Island, New York City every year. Many people from all over the city come to see this event.

This year, things were no different. People were having a festive time gathering together after the event went on at full capacity.

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