Maverick Star Confirms That ‘Conversations’ Happened With Tom Cruise For Sequel

It was one of the most unexpected movie events of the year Top Gun: Maverick, a project that took three decades to prepare and captivated both critics and viewers alike, which certainly led to speculation about a follow-up. Newcomer to the series Myles Teller recently confirmed that talks had taken place about a possible third film, although he notes that it’s entirely up to franchise star Tom Cruise, as both films were the actor’s passion projects. If a third entry in the series is to be developed, we suspect audiences will have to wait another 35 years before that potential sequel landed in theaters. Top Gun: Maverick In theaters now.

“That would be great, but it’s all up to TC, it’s all up to Tom. I’ve had some conversations with him about it but, you know, we’ll see,” Tyler recently explained to Entertainment tonight.

Cruise has undoubtedly been a bankable movie star for decades, despite his release dissident It marks a milestone for the performers, as it is not only his highest-grossing film, but also the first to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide. Teller couldn’t help but laugh that it was the obvious reason he helped Cruise reach that standard.

Regarding the film’s financial success, Teller quipped, “Yeah, that’s definitely what my team was, you know, saying about these future negotiations. But no… for him to get involved. Better With me and a lot of these other young actors and to bring us into this world, it’s just been a wild ride and it’s still going on.”

While the film was likely not developed to be the beginning of an entirely new franchise, the nature of the narrative certainly allows for such opportunities to exist. in dissidentTyler played “Rooster”, son of “Goose” Anthony Edwards from the beginning Better. Cruise’s “Maverick” has been tapped to return to Top Gun to train a new group of pilots for a death-defying mission, with Rooster being one of the most promising students. Despite the tension between the two over their shared history and tragedy, Maverick and Roster had to overcome odds to ensure the mission was carried out.

The movie not only introduced the Rooster, but other compelling new characters who could take the reins of the franchise moving forward.

Top Gun: Maverick In theaters now.

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