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The latest Marvel movie, Thor Love and Thunder, has been released, and it has garnered some amazing reviews. It was dubbed by the Daily Express “Colorful, quirky, playful and entertaining.” But fans are starting to talk about how clear the movie is.

In recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has included more and more new characters whether they are gay or lesbian. For this reason, Disney fans hoped the new movie would focus on these relationships as little more than a passing reference.

Ahead of Thor Love and Thunder’s premiere in London earlier this week, fans had the opportunity to ask some questions to director Taika Waititi and the film’s stars Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman.

One fan asked Portman, “How gay is the movie?” She replied, “Very gay.” Waititi also shouted in agreement, “Super gay!”

This answer was clearly what the audience wanted when they started screaming and applauding in appreciation.

However, since then, fans started beating after the release of the film.

A critic and Twitter user revealed: “Before THOR 4 premiered last night, Natalie Portman called him ‘too gay’. I was shocked to report – in fact, you wouldn’t believe this – that she lied.”

Another agreed that Portman had in some ways exaggerated the film’s weirdness.

“The next time Natalie Portman says a movie is too gay, I won’t believe her,” Camille added. (sic)

A third continued, “This was the biggest lie of the century.” (sic)

However, many fans praised the film for its representation of gay characters.

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Thompson said in an interview, “We had a lot of conversations about [Valkyrie’s sexuality]. I think there are a lot of people who are very hungry for that representation in these films, like me.”

She added, “I think so [it’s important] Don’t hang a character’s hat on her gender identity just because she’s an odd character. I think that’s a way to reduce its humanity, in fact, if that’s the only aspect you can explore in it. (via LA Times)

In Thor Love and Thunder, there are two scenes that confirm the Valkyrie is bisexual. The first is a reference to her friend who died during a battle. Another Valkyrie appears kissing a woman’s hand.

Right now, Marvel has only introduced a handful of gay heroes into their cinematic universe.

Recently, Phastos was shown with a husband and son in the Eternals.

Prior to this, Loki confirmed that he was with both men and women on his Disney Plus show.

Watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney Plus now.

Thor Love and Thunder is in cinemas now.

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