Natalie Portman: “When I Was 13 They Were Really Talking About My Breasts (in Hollywood)”

Natalie PortmanThe name keeps ringing and more when the movieThor: Love and Thunderin which she participated achieved tremendous success in theaters.

However, the actress caught the eye this time with a statement she made to the Sunday Times, after she was asked about her opinion about the transformation of her body in the recently released part of the series. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this talk, she highlighted the psychological and physical effort she had to give her life again Jane Fosteralthough she was surprised to think that since she was a child she has been having sex in Hollywood.

Natalie Portman’s cruel words

“I think, at the time, it was pretty normal…Part of it was the kind of roles that were being written (for the movies) and part of it was the journalists feeling they were entitled to write about it (her body image),” said Natalie Portman. “I remember reading a review of mine when I was about to 13 years that talked about my breasts.”

In the face of this she began turning down roles that included love or sex scenes and explained, “I wouldn’t be like that, because it felt like a weak position and also a less respectful position, in a way, to be marked as a path.”

However, at the age of 41, he participated in several films as a hero and won an award Oscar awardShe knows that this is a thing of the past and it remains only to enjoy what she has achieved, both in her private life and in the professional field, as she is again drawing attention to her wonderful roles.

Portman enjoyed being a part of Thor and the challenges she had to face

Along the same lines, Natalie Portman She talked about the challenge this movie gave her, where she has to look like a heroine, with a perfect body image.

“I turned 40 while making the movie and it was a great moment in my life to say, ‘You’re going to be the strongest, fittest version of yourself’,” she recalls about the exorbitant cost of dieting and an exercise routine to gain muscle.


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