Black star Anthony Anderson appears to be turning off after the final season of Emmy Snub

The 2022 Emmy Award nominations were revealed Tuesday, and more than a dozen TV shows reached double-digit nods. HBO’s Succession He led the charge with 25 nominations, which included 14 different acting nominations for an Emmy drama series. Not far from fellow HBO white lotus Plus AppleTV + Ted LassoEach received 20 nominations. Giant Netflix streaming shines with Weird things And the squid gamewhile Hulu’s Dubcek and amazon prime video The wonderful Mrs. Maisel Also achieve big gestures. While taking up streaming services, cable channels had fewer to offer. ABC comedy blackishwhich aired its eighth and final season last April, has only two character nominations for this year’s Emmy Award.

No gestures to blackishwho has collected several acting nominations at previous Emmy Awards, hasn’t done well with leading man Anthony Anderson.

Anderson said while hosting guests at Jimmy Kimmel Live. “You know who wasn’t nominated for a Primetime Emmy this morning? Sweetheart of America, me! That’s right, me—Anthony Anderson—and neither my show, blackishor my co-star, Tracy Ellis Ross.”

Anderson, who plays Andre Johnson on the show, was previously nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series four times for his role in blackish. The series as a whole has been nominated for an Emmy 26 times over the course of 175 episodes.

“Can you believe that s-t, mama?” Anderson said to his mother, who was sitting in a crowd of a late-night show. “Look, I’m not saying that voters were stupid to not nominate me or blackish or Tracy. I say they are racists.”

While blackish Failing to make it into the best comedy gathering, Anderson noted a trend in what had reached that category.

“So blackish He was not nominated, but we were named the prime suspect in all of the whitewashing murder programs,” he said, BarryFX’s What do we do in the shade? and hollow Only the murders in the buildingall involving murder, were nominated.

Regardless, Anderson looks at the situation optimistically.

“Do you know who hasn’t won an Emmy, too? Nelson Mandela – I think. At least I’ll always get an Oscar.” jack kangaroo“They can never take that from me,” Anderson joked.

The 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards premiere September 12 at 8 p.m. ET.



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