Rumors that Drake was arrested in Sweden denied by his team

After a violent rumor on social media claimed that Drake had been arrested in Sweden, his team came out and denied it.

It is not clear if the singer is visiting the venue for personal or professional reasons, but the hoax is baseless and there is no need to worry about fans.

Just a day earlier, Drake announced his three-day private concert, October Weekend World, in Toronto.

Here’s what his team had to say about the viral rumors.

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Drake has not been arrested

False rumors about Drake’s arrest spread like wildfire online, only to be refuted by his team.

Rumors claimed that the singer was arrested by local police in a Stockholm nightclub.

However, his team made it clear The Hollywood Reporter Drake was at his hotel in the Swedish capital and was not arrested.

The news was also debunked by Huff Post’s editor Philip Lewis in two different tweets. is first chirp: “From Drake’s Team: “Drake is in his hotel and has not been arrested.”

“FYI: I spoke to the Swedish police and they told me that Drake is not currently in custody. (This was the only information they would give),” read Next Tweet.

Fans are reacting to the viral hoax

While it has been confirmed that Drake has not been arrested, fans continue to talk about the singer’s fake arrest.

Comparing the fake script to the old Drake show, a fan chirp: “Drake’s arrest in Sweden looks like an episode of Degrassi.”

Another joke rumor He said: “Breaking news: Drake has been arrested in Sweden for his role in Frankly, Nevermind.”

Another fan Wrote: “Catching Drake Doesn’t Look Right”

Nan movie | Official Announcement



Nan movie | Official Announcement





Singer is busy with upcoming concerts

Besides announcing the October Weekend World, Drake has claimed that he will bring his music festival back, OVO Fest, back in 2023. However, he hasn’t revealed the dates or any other information yet.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Toronto event will be featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Lil’ Baby.

The three-day event will take place from July 28 to August 1. Tickets will go on sale on Friday. you can buy it over here.

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