Ana de Armas movie “Blonde” critics refuse to review: it’s violent rape

THere is a new controversy that is likely to make some people reconsider watching the new.Blondemovie starring Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. This movie is set to start streaming on Netflix on September 23 and has a rating of NC-17. Just to provide a bit more context, this movie is based on the novel of the same name which was written by Joyce Carol Oates in 2000.

she was Pulitzer Reaching the final award but a work of fiction, the author takes many liberties with the actual story in order to give the book more drama. A specific part of the book is very graphic, it’s a rape scene that has been translated into the new Netflix Film directed by Andrew Dominic. There may be many Marilee Monroe Fans who expect this movie to be based on her real life but should be warned about it.

Director Andrew Dominic doesn’t care about the backlash.

In a recent interview, Director Andrew Dominic He defended his work against any kind of backlash and basically said he didn’t care about the backlash. Already well-known film critics have warned that they are refusing to review the film due to the explicit rape scene that appears in the film. Grace Randolph from “Behind the Trailer” The YouTube channel rejected the film on Twitter.

Here’s what she wrote: “I don’t cover Blonde In what capacity do I think a violent fantasy in NC-17 Marlin Monroe Presenting itself as autobiographical – or even frank about it being fiction – is absolutely horrific. Anyone who advocates Blonde as Art simply doesn’t want to feel guilty about watching violent rape porn which is completely fictional – the event has been admitted to be made up – you are not drawing attention to something that actually happened to Monroe. It’s just a sick imagination.”

So far there has been no comment from the actress Ana de ArmasWho is involved in this controversial scene. Since we live in a new age where sexual scammers are finally being exposed, this movie definitely does not fit into the world we live in today. If you are committed to viewing a file Netflix movie ‘Blonde’ When it comes out, do so at your own discretion. I also know that it is a work of fiction and does not tell a true story Life of Marilyn Monroe.


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