First details of Resident Evil 9 rumor leaks

new Resident Evil 9 Rumors spread. in 2022, vampire Arguably Capcom’s biggest franchise side by side monster hunter. between multimedia adaptations, Resident Evil Villageand the next new version of Resident Evil 4Capcom is pumping out tons of content for fans of the survival horror series. There is no reason to expect this to change. Since there is no reason to expect this to change, there is no reason not to expect it Resident Evil 9. To that end, there is a new rumor that claims to have the first details of this virtual and unannounced game at this point.

The rumor comes from an unknown source, which is the number one red flag. The second red flag is that this unknown source comes from 4chan. The third red flag is that it is in an information dump, which is notorious for being fake. So, why do you make the rounds? Well, for example, fans are desperate to hear about the future of the series, but two, because in the past, information about previous games in the series was leaked on 4chan, so there are some precedents here. However, it is still very important to eat everything below with a grain of salt.

According to rumors, the working title of the game is vampire Apocalypse, and set “in a ghost town in the West where a certain investigation will be carried out.” This place is said to consist of a small town and lots of different outdoor places like caves and camping sites. These areas are inhabited by enemies described as “disfigured creatures” resembling mythical creatures. Apparently, the locals call them “Goatman” and “Wendigo”. Additionally, it is noted that there will be a “high focus on body horror” and that monsters can approach players disguising as “friendly NPCs” if the original NPC’s body dies and players don’t see that happen.

Speaking more about the map, rumors claim that there is a large “disturbing” forest in which players can easily get lost, most likely because it is dense and dark. The following details are also mentioned: an early boss called Barghest who looks like a ‘giant black dog with a twist’, a woman opponent called ‘Glaistig’ with a ‘really nice design with green and gold trim and a mourning green dress’, and another woman/a ‘biological weapon’ character that acts as a clue to the player . Like Glaistig, the monsters in the game are said to fear/respect this character as much as Glaistig does.

Rumors also state that players can forcibly open some doors, lock them, fortify them, and use breakable weapons. Finally, it is mentioned that the plot revolves around the “ninth lunar phase”, which is where the name “Apocalypse” came from.

Is any of this true? Time is just good. In the meantime, we’ll be watching Capcom’s comment, but one is unlikely to arrive given that he has never commented on the rumours.


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