The prodigal player discovers fascinating hidden details about the robots

stray It is one of the biggest releases this year. The new kitty cat game from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive was in great anticipation for its release, but no one expected it to do it the way it did. A week after its release, it is still the best-selling product on Steam. Far from the protagonist, what players seem to love most about the game is its detailed and well-understood world. To that end, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the game world is filled with some pretty cool and hidden details.

One detail about Reddit includes the game’s bots, which populate the world that players explore as a cat. More specifically, on Reddit, a player pointed out that the bots in the game eat ramen. As another player points out, there is a “GPUdon” option on the menu in the same restaurant.

Below, you can check the details by yourself:

In Stray, robots eat ramen From
Games details

stray It’s available on PC, PS4, and PS5, and for now, there’s no information coming to the Nintendo Switch or Xbox consoles, though it is expected that it will eventually migrate to these systems.

stray It is easily one of the most unique games released in 2022 simply because you play a cat and that is very much how the team behind it marketed it,” reads the opening of our review of the game. While there is no shortage of cat-related activities such as carelessly walking across keyboards or scratching sofas, most people will likely be surprised by the depth and severity of their writing. It is a remarkably beautiful game both visually and emotionally. Within the first few seconds of the game, developer BlueTwelve Studio expertly articulates the story you will be telling for the next 8-10 hours without a single line of dialogue. It’s a classic example of show, don’t tell. It’s just a bunch of cats watching a rainstorm, quietly loving each other, and being a family.”


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