The blonde director denies rumors about a Marilyn Monroe scene in NC-17, but defends the Netflix rating

One of the biggest controversies in the latest Netflix movie by Andrew Dominic Blonde It has been rated NC-17. A strong adult rating like this could block the number of theaters that would book a page-to-screen adaptation Recreates iconic Marilyn Monroe moments. while the Mindhunter The director defended the NC-17 rating, denying rumors about a graphic scene in the film.

according to daily screenIn the summer of 2021, there were rumors that Netflix was not satisfied with the controversial elements of the film such as a scene showing oral sex during a bloody menstruation. BlondeFilm director Andrew Dominic denied this outrageous rumor and actually found it “funny”. However, there is a sexual assault scene that comes from Joyce Carol Oates’ book on which the movie is based. The New Zealand-born Australian director doesn’t seem to care what the public thinks about the film’s strong rating There is something about it that offends everyone.

It’s a demanding movie. If the audience doesn’t like it, that’s the dreaded audience problem. She is not running for public office. It’s an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe, it’s kind of what you want, isn’t it? I want to go and see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story.

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