Namor writer reveals the fate of X-Men Grim in Sub Mariner’s future story

Fans will get to experience another possible future of the Marvel Universe in Namur: occupied beachesA new mini-series written by Christopher Cantwell and artist Pascual Ferry. The five-issue series is set 100 years in the future and finds veteran Namur still in control of Atlantis, except for now global warming and an attack from the River Cree that has left much of the land underwater. One of the pluses of these post-apocalyptic stories is that they allow creators to make important changes to Earth’s powerful heroes and other heroes like the X-Men. Unfortunately for the X-Men, Namur: occupied beaches He finds many of them deceased, including Wolverine.

“In my opinion, some went to war, and many were evacuated to Araku or other new colonies, and I feel the Krei superweapon has put Krakow and others out of service,” Cantwell said. IGN. “Kree would be smart enough to do this, but also smart enough to use back-channel diplomacy with a group that increasingly sees itself as disconnected from humanity. So in my opinion, a large portion of the converts became isolationist outside the world in the ensuing conflict, while going Some (your favorite mutants) to fight the Cree and they died. Wolverine died. There. I said it. Lily crawled too. And a tough guy.”

Even with 100 years on, it seems like it was a good time for Namur. Much of that can be attributed to its Atlantic DNA, but occupied beaches He will find other familiar heroes who are still very active and part of Namur’s story.

“[Namor is] He’s old and looks seasoned, but fit. Cantwell said that Atlantic DNA likened him to Spock in Star Trek. Vulcan has a long life. Namur is superhuman too. So he aged gracefully. The same is true of a handful of other superhumans. Luke Cage’s physiology has helped him hold on, but he looks bigger than Namor. The same is true with Cap. Jim Hammond is Android so it’s in great shape. And Frankenstein’s monster…my new favorite character I’m writing from the Marvel universe…is a very thoughtful and stoic zombie that can theoretically live forever. Also, Namur had to age pretty well. He’s so dashing. It’s like if an Olympic swimmer was a superhuman. His body is the work of athletic perfection.”

IGN’s first look at Namur: occupied beaches #1 Namur features in his memories of Atlantis and old man Steve Rogers breaking up a feud. Namor will also appear as the opponent of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, photographed by Tenoc Huerta. The movie comes out in a month occupied beaches It hits comic book stores. Be sure to let us know what you think of the upcoming Namor series in the comments!

  • NAMOR: Conquer the Beaches #1 (out of 5)
  • Christopher Cantwell (W) • Pascual Ferry (A/C)
  • Assorted cover from Babe Laraz
  • Variety cover written by Toren Clark
  • Hidden Gem Assortment Cover by Jack Kirby
  • Various gaming coverage from NETEASE
  • A century in the future, there is not much land left on Earth. The combination of a deteriorating climate and a devastating war with the Kree River has left the planet’s surface mostly inhospitable, with ever-dwindling air-breathers and a profound shortage of superheroes to protect them. Enter NAMOR, who after these many years is no longer the king of Atlantis… but the ruler of the entire world.
  • 32 PGS / T + … $4.99


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