Fall Guys Leaks hints at the return of a crossover

fall guys It has plenty of crossovers for players to peruse as new skins and events are added to the game, and after that, players will have the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration to look forward to. However, recent leaks have indicated that this is not the only crossover on the horizon. It’s rumored that dates have been set for the return of the DOOM crossover that will bring back skins from Bethesda for a limited time for those who might have missed it back when they were originally added.

DOOM Skins comes to those who weren’t around when the collaboration first took place in early 2021 Immortal death It is the latest major DOOM game in the id Software series. They consist of Cyberdemon, Cacodemon, and DOOM Slayer itself. According to Twitter user, fall guys FGPancake leaker, these skins will soon be back in the game on August 18th and will be available from then until August 22nd.

back when Immortal death Leather was previously in fall guysIt was available for purchase via Crowns, premium players with coins earned by winning fall guys tours. Since this is no longer a way for players to buy things, Show-Bucks will be spent instead. The leaker said that each of these skins will cost $1,200 Show-Bucks if you want to buy them individually, but you’ll obviously only be able to buy a bundle for 1,800 Show-Bucks if you want to get them all at once.

If you are planning on picking these up, you will need to plan accordingly since there is a Sonic the Hedgehog cross mentioned above which is coming sooner which could wipe out your coins. This one is set to debut on August 11th and will consist of skins not only for Sonic but also for several other characters from the Blue Blur universe. We already know some of the prices for these skins and what they’ll look like, but we’ll know the full details soon when the Sonic event kicks off.


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