Announcing a physical third season for Apple TV +

Apple TV+ has renewed a fan-favorite series for a third season: physical. The series stars Rose Byrne (Neighbours, Insidious) as aspiring exercise saleswoman Sheila Rubin (Byrne) in 1980s San Diego. Realizing the value of aerobic exercise on home video early on, Sheila attempts to build an empire that will pull her out of the horrible suburban middle-class life she lives in with her husband, Danny (Rory Scoville), an aspiring local politician, and daughter, Maya.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to continue telling Sheila’s story in creative collaboration with Rose Byrne and the rest of our amazing cast, writers, and crew,” author and show host Annie Wiseman said in a statement. “The comments we’ve received from fans who are still discovering and feeling seeing physical It was the most satisfying experience of my career and I am so grateful to our team at Apple and Tomorrow Studios for making this dream come true. “

Season 1 of physical It Was Hard to Sell to Viewers: The Dark Comedy Sentiments of Creator Annie Wiseman (Desperate Housewives, Suburgatoryand directors like Craig GillespieI, Tonya, Cruellaand Stephanie Laingvice president), was a bit too much for many casual viewers. season 2 of physical It pulled a different direction, with a less pessimistic bite about the dysfunctional drive for success and power in American life (especially in the ’80s), and settled into a deeper, character-centric story that actually brought some redeeming qualities from a generally undesirable assortment of characters.

(spoilers follow)

season 2 of physical Sheila ended up solving some of her deepest body issues, and finally had her marital problems, which led to them and Danny breaking up amicably — at least at first. Just as Sheila and her favorite-turned-work partner Greta (Dierdre Friel) were truly working to launch Shiela’s exercise brand to the next level, Greta’s husband put Danny in the head that he could take a piece of work with him in the divorce.

When Sheila was getting stabbed in the back in her personal life, she learned that a woman much younger than her was already way ahead of showing her exercise tapes and products on TV to a large audience. But rather than reverting to old, destructive habits, Sheila but her malevolent energy for different uses: She forms an alliance with the man for whom she ruined her marriage, local businessman John Bremm (Paul Sparks) to take down everyone in her path.

(end spoiler)

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