Jordan Peele reveals the origin of the Scorpion King Hoodie

There were countless things about Jordan Peele no Which inspired fan theories and discussions prior to the movie’s release, in large part because the movie’s plot was so ambiguous. Among those topics were the mysterious scarred lady, supposed aliens on the farm, as well as why Danielle Kaluuya’s character wore a hoodie from Dwayne Johnson’s car. scorpion king. In the context of the movie, it makes sense but to an outside observer, it might seem a bit random. Speaking in a new interview with empireBell was asked about the origin of scorpion king Hoodie, revealing that it came naturally no advanced.

“It wasn’t in the original script,” Bell said. “It was something that I kind of worked on. I knew the character worked on something with his dad when he was 12 and that would be a piece of his dad’s booty that he got. So it just got to do with the movies could it be if you were doing by conducting (mathematics).And then, I mean, scorpion king…Come on. I knew it had to be orange, and so everything was perfect. You put on those connective feelings and things come back to you.”

spoilers for no Followbut in the context of the film scorpion king The hoodie serves both a practical and a story purpose. In the movie, Kaluuya’s OJ is part of the family business training horses for feature films, having worked with his father on The Scorpion King as a young child (the irony being that their horses were replaced by camels, but they still owned the crew’s harts). It also serves as a bridge between Kaluya’s OJ and Keke Palmer’s Emerald as they think about what to do about the UFO. After deciding they can set a trap to capture him in a movie, OJ wears the jacket to visually distract him so they can get the perfect shot of him and prove he’s real.

Nope is now playing in theaters, having just passed a huge box office hit. The film also marks Peele’s third major success in a row as a writer/director and lucky for all of us, he’s already thinking about what happens next.

“I don’t know what’s next,” Bell said, “there are some ideas creeping in.” empire When asked what he will do next. “I need to kind of dive into the world a little bit and let the world kind of tell me which one is next. So that’s what I’m going to spend the next couple of months doing.”


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