Universal First Film Studio crosses $3 billion since 2019

Universal Pictures is having an amazing year in 2022. While Paramount has had its biggest theatrical success Top Gun: MaverickDisney has released two Marvel Studios films in theaters, and Universal currently holds this year’s box office. This weekend, Universal announced that it crossed $3 billion at the global box office during the first seven months of 2022, becoming the first studio to do so.

Back in 2019, four studios managed to cross the $3 billion mark at the box office, but theaters are still recovering from shutdowns during the pandemic, and business is just beginning to return to normal. Seeing Universal achieve such an important milestone with several major releases remaining this year is well worth the excitement.

Universal’s theatrical success in 2022 is based on two blockbuster films. Jurassic World Dominionthe third movie in jurassic world Series, brought back the original trio of stars Jurassic Park It made $976 million worldwide, very close to the billion dollar mark. which is long overdue disciples sequel, Minions: the rise of a puppy, added a total of $790 million worldwide. These two films alone captured more than half of the global box office this year, totaling $1.76 billion.

So he said, jurassic world And the disciples My only success story is from Universal this year. the wickedDreamWorks’ latest animated feature film has grossed an estimated $246 million worldwide. Universal had two R-rated films to cross $100 million in 2022, with black phone Earning $152 million on an incredibly modest budget, and no It crossed $113 million after just two weeks. no Jordan Peele gives his third movie in a row to earn over $100 million, then Get out And the we.

Universal has had a great year so far, but the studio’s box office total will only grow over the next few months, with only a few big releases left to hit cinemas. Among Universal’s upcoming films The end of Halloween And the Snow in Boots: Last Wish. Both are part of the very popular franchises and should bring some serious business.

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