Watch Parker Posey and Jillian Bell in an exclusive sneak peek of The Walking Dead Sneak Peek

Tales of the walking dead Going back in time – to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in Atlanta, Georgia, 2010. On Sunday, walking dead The anthology series premiered with six standalone episodes focusing on the new and established characters in the extended Walker apocalypse the walking DeadAnd the Fear of walking deadAnd the The Walking Dead: A World Beyond. In “Blair/Gina,” which airs early on AMC+ ahead of its August 21 premiere on AMC, relive the beginning of the end with Blair (lost in spaceParker Posey and JennaworkaholicsGillian Bell).

Character Book An exclusive sneak peek into the episode, which sees hostile co-workers attempt to escape the city—and each other—at the beginning of the apocalypse. Carrie Drake (Lost in space, SeveranceThe episode, directed by veteran Michael E. satrazemis (the walking DeadAnd the Fear of walking dead).

Watch the exclusive video above.

AMC describes “Blair/Gina”: It’s an apocalyptic onslaught in Atlanta, Georgia, 2010. While ordinary people try to make sense of the strange events going on around them, this is just business as usual at the Circle of Trust Insurance Company. Blair and Jenna, two co-workers who despise each other, relentlessly confront life-threatening choices that leave them wondering who they want to be at the end of the world. They soon realize that they must face their own facts if they hope to survive a day no one wants to live again.”

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Together with Posey and Bill they made walking dead Universe debuted in the independent story, and among the actors playing new characters in the anthology series is Olivia Munn (newsroomTerry CruzBrooklyn Nine-Nine), Anthony Edwards (ER), Bobby Liu (hacks), Jessie T. Asher (boys), Chabanol loan (Gigolo fading) and Embeth Davidtz (Ray Donovan)Daniela Pineda (Cowboy Bebopand Danny RamirezTop Gun: Maverick). Samantha Morton (the walking Dead) reprise her role as Alpha Whisper in the next episode.

New episodes of Tales of the walking dead Premieres Sunday at 9PM EST/8c on AMC and AMC+, with episodes airing one week before AMC. Learn how to watch episodes Tales of the walking dead Early on AMC+.

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