Black-ish Hair Team Discuss Final Season, Emmy Nomination

One of the shows that helped define the decade of 2010 is coming to a close. ABC . letters blackish Her series finale aired last April and she is currently in the midst of her final award campaign. Accolade season is nothing new on the Anthony Anderson-led sitcom, as blackish She collected enough gold to secure her separate Wikipedia page. Since it debuted in September 2014, blackish It collected 28 awards, making it one of the most decorated sitcoms in recent memory. However, only one of these awards is the Primetime Emmy. The series was awarded the Distinguished Contemporary Hairstyling Medal in 2020.

after two years, blackish He has a chance to do it again. The hit show of both outstanding contemporary hairstyling and outstanding contemporary fashion has been nominated at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, which are set to air next month.

Speaking with, head of hair Nina Ross Davis and master men’s stylist Stacey Morris emphasized that recognition is not only blackishbut their work is precisely an honor.

“We put in a lot of hard work on this show,” Morris said. “And we don’t do our job for that honor, so when it comes, it’s like icing on the cake.” “And to end it like this, and actually, there’s our nomination and wardrobe department. So it’s like, ‘Wow, he literally fell for us.'”

“It’s always an honor to be nominated, only to be noticed by our peers and fans of the show and all. Of course, we want to win, but just being nominated, it’s just an honor and a blessing,” Davis added. “It’s all our hard work that we put into the show. And like Stacey said, every episode we do, we don’t do it in terms of, ‘Oh, we’re going to do this for an Emmy nomination or whatever.'” We just have our creative juices flowing. And then at the end of the season, we decided, “Well, which episode do we like the most? What episode do we want to show?” It’s all about the show as a whole, but we have to pick one episode.”

Morris and Davis come from two different sides of the world blackish expertise. Morris started the series as a personal barber for Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, Marcus Scribner, and Miles Brown and eventually worked her way up to taking on the men’s hair side of things as a whole.

“I’ve been there since the beginning of the pilot, and I have a history with Anthony. So when he got that show, he was really excited. [He] “He wanted me to be on the plane,” Morris said. “It was fun because I was a part of his life, and a lot of the programming and family stuff themes reflect his family, so it was very familiar and fun just to be a part of that vision and help make that vision come alive in the world.”

Joining the show in season seven, Davis saw instant success herself, and Davis was nominated for Best Contemporary Hairstyling at the 2021 Emmys.

“I eventually came,” Davis noted. “I got the call from the unit’s production manager and they invited me together to be the department head.” “Working with Stacey has been amazing. Working with the cast and crew, they have accepted me with open arms. It has been an amazing journey.”

That journey concluded with Season 8, in which the entire hair department was given more creative freedom with the characters’ hairstyles.

Davis revealed, “We’re able to pick more styles and more looks, and we’re not under the ABC microscope. Obviously, in season eight, we’re more confident and things like that.” “So just getting to grips with each character, deciding what they want, the look they want, and having a vision board for that is what we’re going to do this week for this style and this theme. So it’s just about being creative and being able to come out of the box and enjoy what we want. do it freely.”

“In the beginning, you’re obviously trying to start the show. And there’s a lot of hands in the pot to give directions and try to direct all aspects of the show, the look of the show, the feel of the show. And so you take directions from the director’s vision, the producer’s vision, ABC, and then you also have to Satisfy your creative input and the actors too, because they have to be comfortable in front of the camera,” Morris added. “But it was nice to get to a point where the show, basically, across the board, had legs of its own. We just had to express ourselves creatively and move from our mind to the screen.”

Outside the world of television, Davis has been busy publishing her comic book titled I have a voicethat was Released earlier this year. Morris has several projects currently in post-production, including the untitled Nike movie starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

blackish He received two awards at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards, which will be shown on September 12.


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