Top Gun: Miles Tyler Maverick admits he’s a member of Kenny Loggins fan club after appearing in two popular films with his music.

It was a particularly great summer for Miles Teller, as the actor regained his heart Status as a mustachioed pilot wearing a pilot in Top Gun: MaverickThe #1 movie of 2022 so far. Since Tyler became a major character in “Danger Zone” in the hit Paramount action movie, we mentioned dissident Not the only movie Kenny Loggins has scored, and he hasn’t been shy about declaring himself in Loggins’ “fan club.”

When CinemaBlend Sit down with Miles Teller Top Gun: Maverickour own Sean O’Connell referred to the actor who was also in freestyle A remake in 2011, Kenny Loggins’ tune was spun for a version sung by Blake Shelton. Teller said this about the funny relationship between two of his films:

I’m just a Kenny Loggins fan club, man. I’m going to see Loggins and Messina at The Bowl. I’m a big fan. I just revisit movies from the 80’s. Every little bit, that’s what I’m going to do.

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