Disney + Inside Out Reference has She-Hulk fans crying

Disney+ decided to point it out inside outside A moment of Strong woman And the masses can’t handle it. During the first episode of the Marvel series, Jennifer Walters and her cousin Bruce Banner refer to Bing Bong from the Pixar movie. during his sacrifice inside outside Make a lot of people emotional and this is an enemy Strong woman like that. Their Twitter account showed off the character and the Marvel show account couldn’t help but ring. Check out your interaction below. Also, Tatiana Maslany spoke about her hero’s journey of self-realization in a recent interview.

“I think people greet Jen very differently when she’s a She-Hulk than when they greet Jen Walters,” Maslany said. “And it’s something that I think Jane feeds off of in a way that she gets, you know, a little bit of confidence. It’s fun looking at you that way. But then at the same time, I feel like she also has a fraudulent feeling about it. Or she doesn’t quite feel like she can.” Having that and that people may not look at it, but just look at it.”

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no kidding lol



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