Roman Reigns explains his new WWE contract and schedule

Roman Reigns revealed at a live event in Trenton, New Jersey last May that he had entered a new phase of his WWE career, one that would see him wrestle with fewer live events, TV recordings and pay-per-views. Changes to the schedule were immediately apparent as WWE had to book three consecutive pay-per-views without a World Championship match for the first time since 2014. “The Tribal Chief” has wrestled only four times on TV or pay-per-view since WWE unification and the Universal Championship, where his last match was his last permanent match against Brock Lensar last month.

Before his title match with Drew McIntyre at Clash in the castle On September 3, Reigns sat down with Sports Illustrated Media Budkast this week and finally shed some light on his new schedule and the thought process behind it.

Describing the grind of a full-time WWE schedule where he’s on the road five and a half days a week, Reigns said, “For me, he’s been trying to balance everything. Someone with five kids, we’re at a critical point in their lives where they’re very young and that’s where they are.” in which we build these relationships and bonds and get to know their father. To me, it was very important to be able to build my father as a priority and one hat to wear. In WWE, Vince (McMahon) and everyone else was very good at accommodating that and making sure I kept in the WWE family.”

“The main thing is, no, we won’t be in every pay-per-view, but whatever I use, which will be all major shows and two other shows that fall between the Big Four and the Saudis. I will always support those who have TV to build the story and competition in the future. Comparison What I did, technically, compared to full-time, in every way, you only get a day and a half a week, yeah, it’s part-time compared to what I normally run. I’m an annual WWE TV personality. It’s done really well so far. Feedback, makes every Something seems more special if you are not available or possible. It puts a bit of a mystery around you. Pretty much all the houses have done well. The actual reaction, the decibel level is still very high. I could not have planned it to be better. I hope to continue To build it. I did it to where I could do it every week, no problem. At the same time, if the quality was high, the quantity wouldn’t have me crazy.”

Reigns continued – “Those are the things I have felt, even with this new decade and the last few months, almost the micromanagement complex, ‘I need to be in control and I have to do more. You feel like you can’t help from the sidelines. That’s not the case. It’s the kind of mental thing any performer goes through. “I’m not there, I’m forgotten, I don’t help.” You feel like you don’t carry the same weight that you used to. At the end Today, there’s no out of season. I’m just human and we have to take all of these things into consideration. You want to stay in Superman mode and be on top of everything and help the product and promote as much as you can and satisfy the consumer, but if you expand yourself too little, it goes both ways. It’s about finding that mental security, that safe space to where you are that doesn’t blow your mind and feel anxious or anxious about it, and at the same time you trust it and keep flowing.”

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