Drawn Together Creators Develops IDW Sci-Fi Comedy Series

The we drown together The team is back with a new comedy project. IDW Entertainment has reached a joint development agreement with Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser (we drown togetherAnd the Solar oppositesAnd the casual love), with the duo’s first project being a science fiction comedy titled family time That would be a TV series and a comedy. Scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023, version family time The comedy comes from writer James Asmus (how woodyAnd the Al Najat StreetAnd the maneuverand artist Edison Newsnake clawsAnd the without thinkingAnd the Socks).

“At IDW, we are fully prepared to develop properties that live in the same universe, across different platforms,” said Natechi Marsham, publisher, IDW. “We are thrilled to have the first joint development project for Entertainment and Publishing with Matt and Dave; their comedic talent is off the charts. We know that their extensive background, combined with IDW’s solid experience, will produce great content, both in print and on screen.”

“Working alongside our colleagues at every level within our entertainment and publishing divisions brings a wealth of opportunities for writers, producers and other creatives to simultaneously develop projects across different sectors,” said Paul Davidson, IDW Entertainment Executive Vice President. “It’s a perfect scene to fulfill the creator’s vision.”

(Photo: IDW)

The Silverstein and Jeser team have been working together for over 20 years, first writing and producing clips for Comedy Central’s crank yankers And the we drown togetherBeside Andy Richter takes over the universeAnd the Insatiable GolanAnd the Solar opposites.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with the entire IDW team, who are as talented, collaborative and charismatic as we are,” said Silverstein and Geiser. “We appreciate being given the opportunity to fail and are really looking forward to doing just that.”

IDW has been busy sponsoring more original content lately. family time It joins other recently announced IDW originals such as Dark Spaces: WildfireAnd the luxury guaranteedAnd the has crashedAnd the Earth DiversAnd the dead seasAnd the Golgotha ​​MotorAnd the ArcaAnd the Ben sinAnd the hunger and dusk.

IDW Entertainment also develops five series for Anima Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, HBO Max, Universal Content Productions (UCP), Universal International Studios and Warner Bros. Television. Shows come from the comics and graphic novels you have published IDW Publishing and Top Shelf Productions representing different genres, so there should be something for everyone to check out when they get to their TVs and mobile devices.


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