Neil Gaiman brings up the epilogue in his comic book The Miracle

Finally Neil Gaiman will go see him miracle man The run was completed after decades of waiting — and then another six years since it was announced. According to Gaiman, the scripts have already been in place for a while, but another round of legal trouble has delayed them, and now it looks like Marvel has everything worked out and the series is ready to finally move forward and wrap up after 29 years of waiting and nearly several lawsuits. For a while after they first acquired the rights, Marvel published some of them miracle man But in the end everything seemed to have dried up without much explanation.

Marvel announced at San Diego Comic-Con International in 2009 that it owns the rights to Marvelman, having purchased them from Nick Anglo on the advice of Neil Gaiman. Of course, in order to distinguish between US and English copyrights, and to avoid a potential lawsuit from Marvel, a former publisher renamed the character Miracleman, rights that eventually returned to the creators after the company went bankrupt. When Todd McFarlane (who took a share of the rights) used the character printed without permission from Neil Gaiman (who owned the rest of them), it set in motion a chain of events that eventually saw the pair in court for a decade. Years later, the pair finally settled the lawsuit, and Gaiman eventually handed those rights over to Marvel now, too.

“It sounds very similar,” Gaiman said. “I mean, since this has taken nearly three decades, I think it’s been 29 years since I last tried to write Miracleman, and I’m waiting to see what happens.” rolling rock. But yeah, Alan called it a sort of poisonous chalice. The legal intricacies involved in the Miracleman movie were more complex, tangled, and weird than anyone else would imagine. Then there were additional complications over the years. The Eclipse went bankrupt. It was bought out of bankruptcy by Todd MacFarlane. …and then we looked at what he had. Well, but you don’t own anything. It turns out that Eclipse didn’t actually have anything. We had to dig deeper into who actually Miracleman was. It turns out that the original creator, Mickangelo, had retained the rights to People claimed it was bought. There’s an entire book you can buy on Miracleman’s mysteries. But it definitely looks like… the emails from Mark Buckingham, who’s walking away.”

You can see a comprehensive history of how we got to this point here.



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