Steam Tests New Mobile App

Finally, Valve is testing a new mobile app for Steam users to try, one that features a more modern design as well as two additional features to make it easier to search the store and keep track of which games you have and what you need. Valve announced the rollout of the new app this week and said it’s currently in beta only with comments from the community aimed at improving it before the full release.

In the post announcing the beta version of this new app, Valve highlighted some of the features that users can look forward to. One of these is the ability to sign in with a QR code that should make the sign-in process much faster as well as what Valve has called an “improved library” where you’ll see all your games.

“We rebuilt the app on a new framework and updated the design. (2015 called the app and we wanted to get it back).” valve said About this new app. “You’ll still be able to browse the store, get Steam Guard codes, and confirm trades, but the app now comes with a QR code for login, smarter notifications, an improved library, and multi-account support.”

On the question of why the app wasn’t just launched for people to use instead of starting a beta version, Valve said that by launching the app in this way, it is able to “entice Steam users to try something and provide feedback”. This makes sense since downloading the trial is not quite as simple as simply showing up in your mobile device store and installing it. You will first have to open the links provided On this Steam page With iOS slots currently limited to at least 10,000 users only. You must also sign up for the Steam Client Beta in order to use things like login with a QR code. These aren’t big hurdles to navigate, but they should ensure that Steam users who are most likely to leave feedback for Valve are the ones to opt for the beta.

Valve has yet to give an idea of โ€‹โ€‹when the full release of the new Steam app will be.



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