Neil Gaiman reveals his contributions to Alan Moore screenplay for Watchmen

Although he is best known by many comic book readers for his historical landmarks series hypnoticNeil Gaiman also had a minor role in helping Alan Moore with his feature sitcom, guards. Gaiman and Moore have been friends for a long time, with the former crediting the later with helping him learn how to write comics, so there’s no doubting some in-between the two. Speaking in a new interview with rolling rockNot only did Gaiman talk about his friendship with the legendary comedian, but he also confirmed that he worked as an unofficial research assistant for Moore while he put together his classic series.

“This was my complete contribution to Watchmen, although I was very proud of her work,” Gaiman told the outlets. “At first he phoned me and said, ‘You are a cultured man. There is a quote, “Is the judge of all the earth not working properly?” I don’t remember where it came from, but I want to quote this. And I went and checked and said, ‘Okay, it’s from the workbook. Then after that, he called me saying, I need a quote for… “I think I found him quotes for [issue seven]: “Brother to the Dragon, Companion to Owls”. And I brought him some material on the album and then he used it in the back. It was fun, just being a researcher from Alan. I was an owl finder and object finder. Then I found it the Halloween poem (quoted in Eleanor Fargon’s “Hallowe’en” issue number eight). It was fun. Then my name is in the introduction guardsThis is beautiful. “


In the face of Moore’s relationship with DC ComicsGaiman has maintained a friendly relationship with the publisher, and, unlike Moore and Watchmen, has a measure of control over Sandman. Gaiman went on to reveal in the same interview that part of that came after he renegotiated the contract with the publisher. after writing Sandman For a year, Gaiman came back and asked for a better deal, and in what amounts to the last time that happened, DC agreed, giving him a bit more control over his series than many other writers.

When asked if this deal is the reason why there are no silly sub-promotions like Sandman children or after sandmanIt’s not written into anything. And it’s one of those things that I don’t take for granted. It’s entirely possible in this weird corporate world that tomorrow Warner Discovery sells DC to some other organization and other organization, “Well, a huge Sandman. I made this Netflix series. And we only have these things. We want five per month Sandman The comics are in there just like we did with them guards“Or whatever. And I can see it happen, but right now nobody is planning to do it. I like living in a world where nobody is planning to do it, because it’s a world where I continue to work with DC.”

hypnoticNetflix’s first season is now streaming on Netflix, and Gaiman has quipped to Rolling Stone that the series is “definitely on the right track” for a renewal.

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