Hocus Pocus 2 director teases Binx tribute in ‘fun’ way

The first joke to come hocus pocus 2 An adorable black cat has appeared, leading some fans to believe that the spirit of Thackery Binx could return in the form of cats, and while it has since been confirmed that Binx is largely absent from the adventure, director Anne Fletcher recently confirmed that the character would still be addressed in a “fashionable” way. fun.” While the sequel revived the Sanderson sisters as well as the zombie Billy Bucherson, the sequel appears to shift the focus to a new generation of characters, with the original film’s protagonists emphasizing their absence from the new film. hocus pocus 2 Premieres on Disney+ on September 30th.

Fletcher Shares ‘Billy and Binx, I Wanted Back’ Entertainment Weekly. “We’re having fun with him, so, we’ll see.”

The director also claimed that Binx was “definitely the heart” of the original film, with the sequel introducing a new black cat named Cobweb.

In the original film, the Sanderson sisters drain Emily Binks’ life force in the 17th century, as Thackeray attempts to intervene to save his sister, only for the trio of witches to transfer his life force into the body of a black cat. When a group of friends lit a black-flame candle in 1993, the Sanderson sisters returned from the dead to torture contemporary Salem, with Pinks the cat appearing to offer them help in thwarting the sisters forever.

While the new Black Cat serves as a spiritual tribute to Binx, don’t expect the figure to fully replicate Binx’s role, as Fletcher confirmed that Cobweb won’t communicate with any of the characters.

With the Binx sequel omitted, the film will also no longer focus on the first movie’s protagonists – Max (Omri Katz), Dani (Thora Birch), and Allison (Vinessa Shaw) – as Fletcher outlined the challenges of telling a new story that also honors its predecessor but without diminishing the effectiveness of That adventure.

“We wanted to weave all the people that fans loved, and when you sit down with all the ingredients and the story, you’re like, how do we make that work?” Fletcher details to the port. “It was very hard trying to get them to be a part of it, because we talked about it — so hard. You try to stay on track with the story, even if they come as an appearance.”

Fletcher added, “People were saying, ‘They could be in the background! And I love, really? You’re going to put the leaders of the first movie in the background and you’ll be satisfied? You won’t be satisfied, you’ll be angry.”

hocus pocus 2 Disney+ hits September 30th.

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