ET Soundtrack Get the 40th Anniversary Vinyl Edition

Composer John Williams will go down in history as one of the greatest composers in history, having presented the public with dozens of convincing scores throughout his career, one of which was by Steven Spielberg. Which. T. extra floor. In honor of the film’s 40th anniversary this year, Mondo releases the famous score in its new 2-LP version, which comes in multiple colors. The new music version will come in “Full Moon” and “Heartlight” colors, in addition to the standard black version. All three colors of Which. T. extra floor The result will go on sale on Wednesday at 12 pm Cairo time

According to a press release, “The summer of 1982 saw the release of some of the most culture-defining films of our lives (Star Trek II: Wrath of KhanAnd the evil soulAnd the you can seeAnd the Conan the BarbarianAnd the the thingAnd the warrior path …to name a few!) But few have had nearly the same impact on movie music as the legendary sixth collaboration between Steven Spielberg and John Williams: Which. T. extra floor.

“Mondo, along with Geffen Records and Universal Pictures, are proud to celebrate their forty-year anniversary. ET, with a brand new reissue of John Williams’ timeless, essential and period-defining score. This reissue is pressed on 2x 180g colored vinyl, produced by Bruce Botnick and Mike Matessino, and features all-new calligraphy notes by Mike Duquette. We are honored to have this legendary album featured on our brand.”

(Photo: Mondo)

Which. T. extra floor – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

  • 40th Anniversary Edition
  • Music composed and directed by John Williams.
  • Artwork by Dan McCarthy
  • Liner notes from Mike Duckett
  • Bruce Botnick and Mike Matissino’s production reissue
  • Compressed on 2 x 180g “Full Moon” vinyl, also available on 2 x 180g “Heartlite” vinyl (and 2 x 180g black vinyl)
  • $40

A re-release of the soundtrack will certainly help keep the spirit of the film alive, but one thing audiences should never expect is a sequel, as star Henry Thomas previously explained how the Xfinity trailer is probably the closest. Get a real follow up.

Thomas shared with about either a sequel or ever reboot of the original. “For that reason, I think Spielberg agreed to the announcement because this is as close to a sequel as he is willing to let it go. The response on Xfinity was so overwhelming and people thought it was a teaser for a sequel that caused quite a stir online. I don’t know if it got over Internet. ”

All three colors of Which. T. extra floor The result will go on sale on Wednesday at 12 pm Cairo time

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