WWE fans are shocked by the new WWE couple’s tag team champions

The tournament has ended to crown the new WWE Women’s Pairing Team Champions during the new episode of Monday Night RawThe result is one that the majority of fans did not expect. Dakota Kai and IU Sky faced Raquel Rodriguez and Alia in the main event raw Most viewers thought the match would end with Bayley’s new team winning as the champion. This is not what happened.

After some slight interference from Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka, Alia crept in Mark and drew a distracted Dakota Skye for a pin. Raquel and Alia were named the new women’s pair champions, which shocked many fans who were watching the live broadcast.

Twitter exploded after the match ended, with quite a few turning to the social media platform to express their surprise and frustration. Many WWE fans believed the titles were Kai and Sky’s to take, and this was a development no one was ready for.

You can check out some of the biggest reactions below!

You can’t win everything

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I got your hopes up

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