Apex Legends Leaks tip for the next group event

next one Apex Legends The compilation event is rumored to happen in just a couple of weeks if the latest rumors shared this month are to be believed. This event is supposed to start on September 20 and will be called “Beast of Prey” with players given about two weeks to check out which game mode and skins are available during the limited time mode. However, neither Electronic Arts nor Respawn Entertainment have confirmed any specific plans for the next event.

Latest conversations the next day climax The event came from Tom Henderson, an insider usually known for Call of Duty leaks but who has since been covering other topics that now seemingly include climax. Henderson tweeted about the game’s next group event this week and said “independent sources” had informed him of things like the start date, duration and name of the event.

In fairness, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard these details we’ve talked about in connection with whatever event Respawn is planning next. Thordan Smash, same thing climax The creator, who has been talking about the rumored “legacy” of Luba who is supposed to be coming up at the event among other topics, tweeted back at the beginning of the month about the group’s next event. He said at the time that it would be called Beast of Prey and that it would take place on September 20.

In response to another user who wanted additional information about the event, Thordan Smash summarized the rumored contents of the compilation event as follows:

During the conversations on Twitter, comments were scattered about rumors about the Alien x Predator crossover climax, very. Again, this isn’t something that has been confirmed, but leaked skins have been spotted which almost certainly points to the Alien and Predator series. An event called “Beast of Prey” seems as good a time as any to introduce something like this, but with the possibility of a Halloween event happening right after that, we could see these new skins applied instead.

If the next gathering event is already planned for September 20th or around that time, expect to see Respawn and EA talking more about it in the near future.


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