Vladimir Putin cracks down on Sean Penn and Ben Stiller to meet Zelensky

sIan Penn and Ben Stiller were blacklisted by the Russian government after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and condemning the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine.

25 senior officials

And the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that: “A list of 25” senior officials, representatives of business circles and experts, as well as cultural figures “are banned from entering Russian territory, in retaliation for” the Biden administration’s increasing personal sanctions against Russian citizens. “

The United States also imposes restrictions on Russian citizens

The United States and its allies have issued individual sanctions against dozens of Russian officials, including the Russian president Russian President Vladimir PutinAnd his adult daughters and owner alleged mistresstrying to deter the invasion Ukraine. These sanctions succeeded in removing Putin’s inner circle from any financial system in the United States and released any assets they had on American soil.

US State Department “Rodman’s visit will complicate Grenier’s case”

The blacklist also includes US Senators

This blacklist includes Senators Kirsten CinemaRichard Scott, Patrick Tomei Jr., Mark Kelly; Deputy Ministers of Commerce Matthew Alexrod, Don Graves, Thea Candler and Jeremy Belter; and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

Strong activity on behalf of Ukraine

Ben and Stiller were outspoken in support of ending the invasion of Ukraine. In fact, both of them have already traveled to Ukrainian territory to document the situation experienced by the civilian population.

Sean Penn filming a documentary

Sean Penn traveled to Ukraine to shoot a documentary on political tensions, as well as the Russian president’s invasion and war Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, he told Hollywood Authentic in April that he was considering enlisting in the Ukrainian army.

Sean Penn claims it was indeed a brutal mistake

Sean Penn later told People magazine about his feelings about the horror faced by the Ukrainian people “It’s already a huge mistake of losing lives and breaking hearts, and if he doesn’t soften, I think Russian President Mr. Putin will make the most of all of humanity.”

Sean Penn expressed his support for Zelensky

Finally, he expressed support for Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukrainian regime and the affected population: “They have risen as historical symbols of courage and principles. Ukraine is the spearhead of the democratic embrace of dreams.”

Ben Stiller is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

Furthermore, Ben Stiller met with Zelensky as part of his role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. During their talk, they discussed the situation in which displaced Ukrainians live. He called the president their “hero” and noted the cost of the war.

Ben Stiller commented, “Seeing this devastation on TV or on social media is another. Seeing it all with your own eyes is another. That’s a lot more shocking.”


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