Demon Slayer Cosplay unleashes Igoru’s breathing style

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has taken a back seat lately, but don’t think the series has put his guard down. The manga may be over, but the story continues thanks to the hugely popular anime. In fact, a third season is in the works right now, and it promises to bring some new Hashira to the table. And to get ready, one of the cosplayers flaunts their stunning style against Igoro Obanai.

As you can see below, the costume is courtesy of dis2non on Instagram. The user is a prolific Japanese costume player with unparalleled talent. Of course, that’s what prompted them to take on a complex character like Iguro, and take them on Snake Hashira in a league of his own.

Honestly, looks say it all. The cosplay seems to have ripped Iguro straight from the anime and brought them back to life right before our very eyes. With a great wig and outfit, Snake Hashira looks just as scary here as she does in the anime. And thanks to some editing, Iguro has snakes with them even in the real world.

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Want to see more from dis2non? Could you Find their Instagram here, And let us know what they think of Iguro in the comments section below!


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