The story of Call of Duty 2024 is said to cover the Iraq war

The setting for Call of Duty 2024 may have leaked online thanks to a prominent Call of Duty insider. The Call of Duty series has covered many of the most popular wars in recent history. The franchise started in World War II before eventually moving into the modern era and then jumped a bit further into Vietnam and the Cold War. Once people started demanding a bigger change from the series, Call of Duty went into the future and even space, ushering in a somewhat controversial era for the series. 2022 will re-enter players into a familiar environment Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, a game that will deal with things like drug gangs and terrorism. However, some fans are already trying to figure out what happens next.

According to Call of Duty dramatist TheGhostofHope, Call of Duty 2024 will be set in the early 2000s and will cover Operation Enduring Freedom and the Iraq War. These two operations imply that the game will withdraw directly from history and possibly address things like 9/11, the desire to find and destroy Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and much more. It is also expected that this will be Treyarch, the team behind the Black Ops series that is always set in the past or in the distant future. This will be the first time a game outside of the Modern Warfare series has taken place in a relatively recent period of time. Of course, these are some of the most politically charged wars and operations, so it remains to be seen how Treyarch can handle them.

As of now, it is highly rumored that there will be no major Call of Duty game in 2023. Of course, this could change at any moment, but the rumors are coming from reliable sources. If that happens, Treyarch will likely launch its game in 2023 instead of 2024, but it seems unlikely at the moment.

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