Disappointing trailer released by Disney+

Disney lovers fascinated They have been asking for a sequel to the movie since its release in 2007. For much of that time, the cast and crew have been trying to make another movie as well. 2022 is the year when all those dreams finally come true, as Disney+ prepares to release the long-awaited sequel. Frustrating It will continue the story of Gisele and Robert, and Friday saw the debut of the film’s first trailer.

Several upcoming Disney+ projects were highlighted at D23 on Friday, including Frustrating. The House of Mouse has revealed the first trailer for Frustrating And you can check it out in the video below!

Frustrating Directed by Adam Shankman, and will feature a comeback fascinated Stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel. Maya Rudolph, Oscar Nunez, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Jayma Mays in Part Two. Many of the people involved in the original film, including Adams and Dempsey, spent years trying to get Frustrating off the ground.

“I was talking to the director [Adam Shankman], “Dempsey in an interview prior to the start of film production.” The story is getting better. There is a great staff coming together. And the musical numbers, I sing and dance. Working with everyone again after 14 years is really exciting. We need some escape now. We need those romantic comedies and musicals to get people out of the doldrums we’re in.”

“Every year they’d say, ‘We’ll do this,'” he added. It would be done, “but then no one could agree on the text.” “It’s an important movie to them that’s a satire. It’s not a typical Disney movie. It’s kind of a bit off-brand. However we give all the Disney movies that came before that have finally figured out now that it’s out. And we’re old enough, so it’s Like a midlife crisis movie.”

Frustrating It arrives at Disney+ this fall.


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