What is the evolution of the horror movie?

It was hitting theaters this past weekend barbaricA horror movie that helps kick start the horror movie season as October approaches. Considering that it’s not a major franchise with big stars, barbaric It has flown under the radar for most movie fans, although if you’ve seen anyone talk about it on social media, you’ve probably seen chatter about the unexpected twists and turns that the movie takes, adding to what makes the experience so compelling. It currently sits at 93% of positive reviews on the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, barbaric It is also one of the best reviewed horror movies of the year. For those who might be a little scared of the world of horror but are interested in what the gossip surrounding the movie is all about, we’re here to break the narrative for you. barbaric In theaters now.

Warning: Major spoilers for the barbarians below

The movie begins with Tess (Georgina Campbell) arriving at a rented house on a dark and stormy night, only to learn that Keith (Bill Skarsgård) has also rented the same unit. Since they both have receipts to confirm that they have passed through the appropriate channels, Keith offers Tess to spend the night there, since the house is in a bad neighborhood and there are no nearby hotels available. While this might be a perfect setting for Keith to have nefarious intentions, the couple spend quality time together, other than mysteriously opening the door, they spend the night undisturbed.

The next day, when Tess investigated the noise he had heard downstairs, she discovered a hidden room with a dirty mattress, a bucket, and an old video camera. Keith decides to investigate the room himself, although when he does, he and Tess discover that this hidden room is only the beginning of what the house is hiding, as they enter a series of underground tunnels before Keith is attacked and killed by one of the subterranean tunnels. the threat.

The film then turns to actor AJ (Justin Long), who owns the house, as he has to head to the property during the fallout from being sexually assaulted by his actor. When he investigates noises similar to what Tess has heard, he is more interested in the extra squares he can list on the property in hopes of selling them for more money. In the tunnels, the inhabitant of the tunnel also attacked him and threw him into a pit next to a goat.

A flashback reveals Frank (Richard Brick) as a kidnapper and serial rapist, who would have taken the women into these tunnels, resulting in pregnancies that he would also eventually have. The Naked Striker in the Tunnels is the product of decades of incest impregnation by Frank. AJ discovers Frank in the tunnels, then Frank retrieves a gun to kill himself.

With the premise that Keith could be the threat, the discovery that a super powerful woman lives in the tunnels below the house is more than enough to turn audiences by surprise by the events of the story, despite her presence. Still unexpected items. At the beginning of the film, Tess pursues a homeless man (James Butler) whom she initially feels threatened, although when Tess manages to escape from the tunnels, the man reveals that he was trying to warn her about the house. He knew that the underground woman would leave the house at night, though she claimed that the nearby water tower was a safe place.

After Tess escapes, the woman pursues her, hitting her with a car before she enters the tunnels to rescue AJ. During the rescue, AJ accidentally shoots Tess with the rifle retrieved from Frank, with the pair heading to the water tower for safety. Unfortunately, the location is not as safe as they thought, as the woman tracks them down and chases them to the top of the tower. In the face of certain agony, AJ throws Tess off the tower, realizing that the woman will follow her, as they both collapse into the concrete below.

When AJ goes to check on the two, it turns out that the fall wasn’t fatal to either, with the woman coming back to life to kill AJ, before Tess could get hold of the gun AJ had to kill her attack once and for all.

Number of twists and turns barbariccombined with a mixture of unsettling horror and true-to-life comedy, made it one of the most talked about horror films of the year, definitely making audiences wonder if we could get more stories in these legends.

barbaric In theaters now. barbaric It does not currently have a streaming release date.

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